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Dr Sophie's Blog

Dr Sophie Henshaw is a work stress strategist, author and doctor of psychology with a particular interest in dysfunctional workplace relationships. For the latest articles, please refer to her latest blog site:

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Sophie Henshaw

Sophie Henshaw

Dr Sophie has experienced bullying both personally and professionally.  As a new psychologist starting out in a government organisation that had “a zero tolerance to bullying”, she was the target of a serial bully who was never held to account.  Professionally, Dr Sophie has treated many clients suffering severe and chronic symptoms of depression and traumatic stress as a result of being bullied. She has also conducted numerous interventions in workplaces with organisational cultures vulnerable to bullying.

Dr Sophie graduated from Murdoch University in Perth, WA in 2000.  She initially worked in a variety of settings including maximum-security prisons, private hospitals and with GPs before going onto full-time private practice in 2005. 

Screen Shot 2015 04 20 at 11.21.14 pm

Do you have the kind of mind that never gives you any rest because it constantly nags, criticises and hammers you with its incessant demands?  If so, it's likely that you experience quite a lot of anxiety and self-doubt as well, which is very common when you're stuck in an emotionally toxic workplace.  That's why I wanted to share this simple method of enjoying the benefits of mindfulness, even if you've not had any success with sitting meditation.

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The Silence Of Mindfulness Landscape

Do you struggle with a mind that never stops, hammering you with harsh thoughts, demands and self-criticism, never letting you rest or get a good night’s sleep? A busy, racing, out-of-control mind is the driver for all symptoms of anxiety and depression.  This is especially so if you've been the target of a workplace bully.  However, your first priority must now be taking care of your own emotional wellbeing. 

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My boss is a bully

Targets of workplace bullying typically make three major mistakes that unbeknownst to them, has a massive negative impact on their mental health as well as any chance they might have of getting a favourable outcome from their situation.

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Bullied Manager 3

The most powerful argument you can make to get rid of a workplace bully is to build a financial case for why this person is just too expensive to keep. Surprisingly, it is a strategy that is rarely, if ever used and cost of bullying calculators are hard to find, hence I have put together my own for you to use. A financial case will take some time to prepare and requires due diligence in collecting the evidence. However, it trumps an emotional argument every time.

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Exclusive Report Cover

If you’re stressed, depressed and dreading Mondays, you’re probably working in a toxic interpersonal environment that has started to take its toll on your physical and mental health.

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Excuse me while I digress…  I am a Clinical Psychologist by profession and I started out with stars in my eyes, hoping I could help raise the consciousness of the planet.  However, when it came to doing business, I was utterly naïve, uneducated and had not the first clue about how to earn a living doing what I loved.

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No Dumping

Emotional dumping is when you verbally offload the intense rage or fear you feel onto someone you think should care and fix it NOW.  For example, if you’ve been the target of workplace bullying, you might spew forth your outrage onto HR or senior managers, expecting them to do something but become even more upset when they react in an oppositional way. 

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In your fight against workplace bullying, timing is EVERYTHING!

This is especially true if you are a "high-income" professional because you won't realise how unprotected you are either by the legislation or the unions until it's too late - so I really hope you read this first!

Your employer is going to hate me for telling you this.

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Catch it early

The Timeline

Workplace bullying is probably one of the most expensive experiences you will endure.  It can cost you your job, mental and physical health, bankrupt you and in worse cases, even lead to suicide.


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Large corporations have a strategy to get you fired once you’ve been bullied in the workplace.  It’s transparent to anyone who cares to look, but the company would rather keep it a secret.  It’s called “ambush firing”.

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